Project Description

A holistic approach to the ageing process

Based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, cosmetic acupuncture – also known as facial revitalisation acupuncture – is a natural beauty therapy that works to promote and maintain a reduction in the signs of ageing.

By increasing blood flow and circulation to the face, treatment lifts and tones sagging muscles and skin and aims to rejuvenate overall elasticity and complexion – the reason it is often referred to as a natural alternative to botox.

More than just a cosmetic quick fix treatment, it targets any areas of concern on the face whilst addressing the underlying internal imbalances which may be contributing to the ageing process, helping the whole body to look and feel better in the long term.

How does it work?

Ultra-fine specialist facial needles create a micro-injury to the skin, which in turn promote a natural healing response by the body, stimulating collagen induction and promoting the reproduction of skin cells.  At the same time, acupuncture points across the body focus on the internal constitutional imbalances, boosting the internal organs and holistically relaxing the body.