Five Element theory teaches us that the energies of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood need to be in balance in nature and for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Autumn is the season associated with the Metal Element, a time of transition from the height of yang, the excitement and warmth of summer, to prepare for winter’s darkness, a time of yin.

Autumn brings a sense of loss, as leaves turn colour and drop. These old leaves return to the earth, enriching it to promote the coming of new leaves, a new harvest. It is a time of decreasing and reducing, perhaps a good time to set intentions of letting go of what doesn’t serve us, what is old and stale in our lives, perhaps unhealthy habits or relationships, leaving us receptive to the pure and the new.

Loss and grief are the emotions associated with the Metal Element. We all experience loss, separation and ‘letting go’, from misplacing a cherished item to losing a loved one, and we appropriately feel grief at these times. When our Metal energy is imbalanced, our expression of grief is out of balance, it may be excessive, on going, lacking or even absent.

The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs associated with the Metal Element, one the organ of intake giving us the breath of life, taking in the richness of life, and the other of elimination and excretion, getting rid of all waste products. Purity and impurity are the essence and tension within Metal. It is considered to be the most discriminating of the elements, examining the value of everything: “Is this worth keeping?” “Am I good enough?”

When Metal energy is blocked or imbalanced within us we can be cold and piercing with our view of reality, or fixed and unyielding. Or like brittle metal, tarnished and cracking, we can have low or no sense of self-worth. On the other extreme, we can shine and radiate, inspiring brilliance like a diamond. We can crave purity by going on a diet, detox or de-clutter or be messy or polluted. We can be resigned or inert in our planning, or on the other extreme, over-work and achieve. We can be deeply moved by things around us, or be nonchalant. These are all behavioural patterns that may arise when Metal is out of balance.

This week in clinic I will be including Lung and Large Intestine points in my treatments, helping to boost much needed immunity and to keep Metal in harmony.