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About acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine that is based on the philosophy that our health and wellbeing is dependent on the flow of our body’s Qi or vital energy. When this flow of Qi is unbalanced or blocked, pain and illness can follow.

Very fine needles are inserted at precisely located points along interconnected pathways, called meridians, which map the whole body. These points connect with the body’s energy to promote a natural healing reaction and return to balance.

Acupuncture can be an extremely effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, both chronic and acute, as well as helping to maintain optimum health.

At Highgate Acupuncture, we combine Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine styles of acupuncture, enabling us to treat the whole person on a physical and on an emotional level. The aim is to diagnose and treat the root cause of the illness, not just the presenting symptoms. Each treatment is unique to your needs and lifestyle.

People often find that, as the condition being treated improves, other health problems are also resolved and they feel increased energy levels and a sense of wellbeing.

Five Element acupuncture

Five Element theory teaches us that Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood represent our creative and controlling energies and that for a healthy mind, body and spirit all five elements should be in balance. Each of us resonates more to one particular element and by supporting this element through acupuncture, we can achieve better health and harmony from within.


Our treatments



A natural therapeutic dried herb warms the body and relaxes muscles and energy channels.



Chinese therapeutic massage relieves muscle tension, stimulates acupuncture points, opens energy channels and stimulates the flow of Qi.



Glass suction cups placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow and move blocked Qi.  Sliding cups can be very warming and relaxing.


Gua sha

The rubbing of the skin with a smooth tool to increase blood flow and clear blocked Qi. Is is also used to boost immunity.

Anthoula is London’s best kept secret. Not only as a highly qualified acupuncturist but as a practitioner who is committed to your health and wellbeing.

I’ve been seeing Anthoula for the last 9 months and as someone who was slightly sceptical along with a ‘healthy’ dread of needles, I am now an absolute convert. I originally went to see her for migraines which have now gone from 3 times a week to barely once a month, if not less. She also treated me for some acute symptoms (a persistent cough, a swollen ankle from a fall) and more recently some cosmetic acupuncture, which for the record is amazing!

I would thoroughly recommend Anthoula to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing.

SH, London

Acupuncture has really made a difference to my energy levels and to my mood. Anthoula has a wonderful manner about her; she has a warm, professional approach and instantly makes me feel relaxed. 

I started going to see Anthoula after feeling low in energy and a little anxious, but I am delighted to say that since starting acupuncture three months ago, I’ve felt much clearer of thought and much more in touch with my wellbeing. 

NM, London

I have an auto immune condition which is systemic and can affect various aspects of my body which in turn affects my day to day living. I found acupuncture treatment with Anthoula really helped my condition and enabled me to continue with my work and enjoy my active lifestyle.

I’m fascinated by how Chinese Medicine works and the way it views and treats the workings and systems of the mind and body. Anthoula’s treatments have been an extremely positive experience.  

I highly recommend acupuncture and I highly recommend Anthoula.

KA, Reading

Anthoula treated me for PMT and menstrual headaches, and gastric issues including bloating, water retention and IBS. My symptoms were alleviated from my first session and continued to abate throughout. I looked forward to my appointments, I was made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable, and completely at ease. Anthoula was extraordinarily thorough in recording my history and symptoms. I felt she was genuinely interested in me, how she could help, and in the progress made.

LG, London

I came to Anthoula for treatment having suffered lower back ache for several years and without having found any effective treatment. Her acupuncture and sliding cups treatments were very relaxing and I felt some improvement to my lower back and hip movement straight away. Over the course of several treatments, I really began to feel a difference and my back ache subsided and stopped ‘locking’. What I wasn’t expecting was an increase in my energy levels and much better sleeping. I’m so grateful to Anthoula for such helpful treatment and will definitely continue my regular sessions.

AF, London

To find out if acupuncture can help you:
Call Anthoula on 07779 231 070 for a free phone consultation or email or use the contact form


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